Saturday, September 22, 2012


As promised, here is a fun, fall freebie!! It is a quick and simple Fall Scavenger Hunt in French to be done with students in Kindergarten to Grade 3. I have used this many times with my Core French students to help practice colour and fall-themed vocabulary. A good follow-up activity is to do a small oral presentation about what the students found particularly difficult to find or what their favourite object they found was. This way, they are practicing reading and word recognition as well as oral language! Click on the picture below to go to my Teacher's Notebook shop and download this activity for free!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Les pommes!!!

Hello les amis du blog !!
Just a quick little post to let you know about my apple-themed unit posted on TPT. This unit is a mini math and literacy unit for SK and Grade 1 French Immersion. It will also soon be posted in English as well.

   Check out my TPT product description:
A mini Math and Literacy Unit that is apple themed and perfect for Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 and perfect for fall literacy and numeracy centers. This unit is comprised of:

-(as always) a How to Guide of how to use the activities in this unit
-a Word Search
-a Letter Recognition games
-an Apple Graphing Activity
-a Number Word Match
-an Apple Taste Test Activity
-Writing Prompts
-Math Word Problems
-Patterning and Sorting Activities
-and much more!!

**The zip file has Word files and PDF files so that formatting and fonts are not compromised. Some clip art by KPM Doodles.

I hope you enjoy! Check back soon for more freebies!!

XO Jessica

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to School Resolutions (and Fall Freebies!)

Hello bloggies! I'm not sure if it's just the teacher in me or if it's something that many others feel as well, but September for me is a time of rejuvenation. I look at it as a time to start fresh; a clean slate for a new school year. I am more likely to make (and undoubtedly break) resolutions in September than I am in January. I always feel very ambitious in September and I have a million new ideas and plans and goals. And since they say that one is waaaay more likely (ya those are my kinda stats) to keep the resolutions that they make if they share them with others, here I go. This school year, I resolve to...

1)       Blog on a weekly basis.

After a long break from blogging because life got too busy, I have decided to be a better blogger. Oh wait, too vague. As our school board would say: my goals should be measurable so I vow to blog one time per week for the next 6 months.

2)    Join linky parties.

I’m not even really sure how this is done, but I’m gonna do it!!

3)     Figure out pinterest

I love pinterest, I use it all the time, but I don’t really get it…. Is that weird?

4)    Find balance

My big goal this year is to find a better work, life balance. I will posting lots of new units on my TPT site, working like crazy at school to make sure my Grade 1 students are engaged, excited and learning, learning, learning, but I am also a wife, sister, daughter, friend, and pet-parent and those things are so important. I am going to try to come to school quite early and leave right after work and aim to *wait for it* not do any prep or marking at home! (Hey- stop laughing. It can be done… I think.)

5)     Post freebies!

I love when the amazing teachers of the blogs I follow post freebies on their blogs or on Teachers Pay Teachers. I am going to start posting lots of freebies to pay it forward. I know these things can be invaluable to new teachers and I love to share.

No time like the present to start sticking to my resolutions so here are a couple of fall themed freebies.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School!!!!

No you`re not imagining things.. I really am that excited for back to school! Like 5 exclamation points excited!!!!! Don`t get me wrong, I have been loving my summer and all the time I`ve been able to spend with family and friends and Mr. Spouse, but I am longing for my routine and my classroom and my kiddos. I can`t wait to meet them and to see what my new school is all about.

I am changing schools this year and I am also changing grades. I will now be teaching Grade 1 and I am SO thrilled! I am hoping that now that I am back into my routine a bit I will become a better blogger. I am hoping to post about what we are doing in class, my classroom transformation and information about my TPT units. High hopes I know, but I`m really going to try to stick to it this year.

Anyway, here is a little preview of my newest unit for sale on TPT  `La rentree`!! This unit is Back to School themed and perfect for SK or Grade 1 French Immersion or even Grade 1 or 2 Core French. Please check it out and if you have any questions about it let me know!

Oh mon dieu!! Only 13 more days til school starts!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Peek at my Paques Mini Literacy Unit...

Oh and one last little thing:

Check out my Easter-themed Mini Literacy Unit for sale now on Teachers Pay Teachers. At a VERY affordable price of just $1, this unit is just a few sweet little worksheets and games to do with your little ones for Easter/Spring. Click on the preview picture below to go directly to my TPT store. Thanks for checking it out and supporting me!

Presque Paques...

C`est presque Paques! It`s almost Easter my blog friends! And because I love Easter and all of the adorable little bunnies and chicks and pretty Easter eggs, I thought I`d make up a cute little post.

Here are some projects that I'd love to do do with my kinders:

And here are some cupcake pics that inspired me to make a few late night treats for hubs and the roomies :)

And then here is what I actually made...

A little chickie cupcake.

A lovely basket of wee Easter eggs.

I made a whole bunch more and they were way cute but the pictures are taking forever to upload and my tired old self needs to get some sleep. More to come soon y'all!
Happy Easter! Joyeuses Paques!  xo

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Il etait une fois... A New Unit on TPT!!

Hey bloggy/teachy friends!! Just wanted to let you know that, although life has been totally crazy lately (for details on just how crazy, check out my personal blog at This Byrd's Eye-View ), I've made up a new unit for sale on TPT. The unit is Fairy Tale themed (Les contes de fees) and is full of math and literacy worksheets, printable games, etc. Here's a little preview.

If you're interested in getting some great activities or ideas for French Immersion SK or Grade 1 or even primary Core French, please stop by my TPT store and feel free to ask any questions via this blog or TPT before purchasing the unit.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preview of Penguin Math and Literacy Unit

Here's a little preview of my penguin unit for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. It is a free download and just a smaller version of the units I've been creating for sale.

A longer blog to follow soon..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine`s Day Unit for Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers

Bonjour les bloggies!! After a long hiatus from blogging (I`ve actually been blogging but not on my teaching blog but over at my personal (ish) blog at This Byrd`s Eye-View ), I`m returning to Madame`s Little Monkeys to blog about teaching stuff. I will be posting lots of freebies, pictures of what we are doing in the classroom, ideas for other French Immersion teachers and Core French teachers and maybe even some funny tales from the kinder classroom.

Today, I wanted to put a little shout out about my new units for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. I am new to teachers pay teachers and have posted a few free units (A math and literacy unit that is penguin themed, for one) and 2 very inexpensive units (A Valentine`s themed unit and a Home Reading/Book-in-a-bag program). Check out this little preview of my Valentine`s Unit and check out my products on TPT if you have a chance!