Saturday, February 8, 2020

Un FREEBIE pour La Saint-Valentin!!

There's something about Valentine's Day that makes me so happy! I love seeing the hearts everywhere and teaching my students about "l'amour" and "la gentillesse".

Our classroom was transformed and all of our centers were rosy and lovely.

Our small world play was simple and sweet: wooden houses, red, pink and purple loose parts, and peg people!

For Writer's Workshop (we call it l'Atelier des écrivains) this week, we did a whole class sentence writing activity with Valentine's-themed picture prompts and the sentence starter: "J'aime..." and thematic vocabulary. The students then tried the activity on their own, composing sentences with the vocab cards and then transcribing their sentences on the sheets and colouring the images.

Another literacy center that we did was a 3-part "Build a Sentence" activity, where students chose a setting, character and event to build a sentence or start a story, depending on their ability level. That resource can be found in my TPT store here:

This is typically when I focus on the words "J'aime" and "je t'aime" and all the vocabulary terms around family and love. I use this resource to introduce all of the vocabulary words and begin to create simple family trees.

A great song for introducing family vocabulary and the term "J'aime" is this one:

And Mini TFO is always a great bet for songs that introduce simple French vocabulary! This one is sweet:

Finally, if you're looking for a quick and FREE Kindergarten literacy activity for Valentine's Day, here is a freebie just for you! These heart shaped puzzles are bilingual (all of the images start with the same letter in French and English) so they are perfect for the bilingual Kindergarten classroom. Click on the picture below to access it in my FREE Resource Library.

Joyeuse Saint-Valentin à tous!

xo Jess

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