Friday, January 28, 2011

Les pingouins!

In January, we started off learning more about winter and snow and more specifically snow men. In the 3rd week of January we moved on to "Les pingouins"! (My fav!) I borrowed lots of great ideas from other teachers and their blogs and made some changes and lots of translation to make them work for a French Immersion program. I will post links to the wonderful websites where I got my ideas in future posts but this one is one I made up quickly on my own. Just thought I'd share!

One-to-One Correspondence Worksheet

I also start simple addition and subtraction at this time. I usually find that my kids aren't ready for it until December or January, especially with the strong focus on language in the early months of the French Immersion SK program.

Here is a game I made up that ties our penguin theme to our math concept of the month. I have done it both 'worksheet style' or laminated and with dry erase markers so that they can play again and again. Students roll a dice and then write the number they rolled on the first line, then roll again and write the number they will add to it. Then they will use counters (penguin counters would be great, but anything will do) to help them with the addition. To make the activty simpler, a spinner could be introduced that only had numbers 1-4. This way, the numbers to be added together would always be lower.

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